Writers visit Wisconsin to learn more about law enforcement

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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Authors and T.V. writers from across the world are in Green Bay this weekend for a unique event.

It's called the Writer's Police Academy.

From simulators to pursuits, writers got a taste of law enforcement at Northeast Technical College and it was all started by a former cop, who had a love for books.

"I was an avid reader since I was a child. Then, I became a police officer and every book I read, it had a mistake it and I just wanted to sling it against the wall," said founder of the Writer's Police Academy, Lee Lofland. "So, I decided let's do this and have writers have a police academy. They can train and learn properly. Books have become much better since."

More than 200 crime and suspense writers are working this weekend not only to improve their writing, but throw out the old saying, "The Hollywood Effect", like Lisa Klink, who used to be a writer on "Star Trek: Voyager."

"Well, there's a lot of details that you don't think about writing. You just think about the big stuff: Who has a gun, how many bad guys are in the room," said Klink. " The more details you have in your mind, the more you have to use."

Participants were shown how to properly hold a handgun, do building searches and more.

One instructor said the fact this once-a-year event was held in Wisconsin is an honor.

"It gives us an opportunity here in Northeast Wisconsin to really show off, number one to show off the college and the facilities. But, number two to bring writers, people outside the Wisconsin area to Wisconsin,"said Colleen Belongea, NWTC Criminal Justice Instructor.

They had nothing but praise for Wisconsin Law Enforcement.

"More versed in many, many different areas and they are just the top of the line instructors. Top of the line across the country. These are probably some of the best," said Lofland.

For more information about the academy: http://www.writerspoliceacademy.com/

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