Wisconsin lawmakers discuss dairy dispute with Canadian officials

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Menasha, WIs. (WBAY)- A group of Wisconsin lawmakers who held a conference call with Canadian officials Thursday over the pending dairy crisis are expressing disappointment after the two sides could not agree on a solution.

Dairy cow, courtesy: USDA

Grassland Dairy notified nearly 60 farms in the state earlier this month it would no longer buy their milk starting May 1st because of new trade policies by the Canadian government.

As Wisconsin dairy farmers continue to express concerns about milk, that might not be sold---Governor Scott Walker is asking the Canadians to delay its new policy on milk imports.

"It's not like a commodity like corn where they can stock pile it and deal with the ramifications later. You got to milk cows. You got to do something with milk, it only lasts a set amount of time, so delaying the effect in Canada would allow us to continue going forward," said Governor Walker.

That request came after a group of state lawmakers held a conference call with Canadian officials.

However nothing was resolved according to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald who said in a statement, "...the representatives of the Canadian government have not demonstrated the sense of urgency that we in Wisconsin feel."

During a stop in Kenosha on Tuesday President Donald Trump also weighed in on the issue saying Canada has acted "very unfair."

He's also proposed, a re-negotiation, of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. If a deal isn't struck a lot of milk, won't have anywhere to go.

"As a person who worked most of my adult career in the dairy industry and know quite a bit about this issue, and one thing I've always said is a one or two percent over production of milk is an ocean of milk and it's really hard to deal with that," said Rep. Dave Murphy, a Town of Greenville Republican.

Canada has responded by blaming the crisis on overproduction in the US and other countries.