Menasha's Jefferson Park renovation plan passes

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Menasha, Wis (WBAY-TV) The Menasha Common Council approved the plan to update Jefferson Park this week.

The estimated cost is between $9 million and $15 million.

Menasha is estimating it'll take 10 years to upgrade Jefferson Park the way they want.

"Sets the course for staff to begin pursuing these changes," said Brian Tungate, Menasha Parks & Recreation Director.

Those change will come in multiple phases and will eventually include a new pool complex, main parking lot, amphitheater, playground, and more

"Obviously the trick will be how do you afford all of these changes but we are committed to finding a path forward," said Tungate.

The city hopes to come up with most of the money through donations and fundraisers but if necessary money will come out of the city budget.

"Menasha's most important park is Jefferson Park, and this is where we hold all of our civic events this is where people come to celebrate with their families, this is a place people identify as Menasha," said Menasha Mayor Don Merkes.

The plan passed the common council this week but not everyone was on board.

"I think we should be focusing more on our debt issues before we can start doing these projects that enhance the city," Alex Zelinski, Menasha Alderman said. "I think bringing more people to with lower taxes and better infrastructure is a better way to attack this."

Menasha's mayor says the city is around $33 million in debt but adds it's being paid down.

"You can't just stop doing everything and paying down debt and not doing anything else or else people aren't going to want to live here," said Mayor Merkes.