Target 2 Consumer Alert: Why you should report phone scams

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Phone scam reports have been rolling into the Action 2 Newsroom and the Green Bay Police Department.

The department shared a post on its Facebook page about people getting calls telling them their child was in an accident.

The scammers tell them the accident happened on West Mason Street and asks to meet them at a gas station. They're also asking for personal information.

The goal is to rush you, make you worried and either get your information or even money.

Police put out the scam alert, telling people to never give out information.

These are often called "Grandparents Scams" because the scams tell you a loved one is in trouble.

If you get this type of call and are concerned, first try contacting a loved one.

Some impersonators are even using the name of the "Make a Wish Foundation" telling people they won a huge sweepstakes.

The Administrator of Wisconsin Trade and Consumer Protection says using names of well known businesses in a phone scam or phishing emails are ramping up.

"The problem with this, it's showing a much larger trend. We know about the robocalls coming in, where people are basically saying they're from a government agency. Now they're using phishing, where they're using other federal agencies. It's easy enough to make these emails look official, but they're not," said Frank Frassetto.

Frassetto says it's important to report these types of scams for two reasons.

First, the scams that are reported to the state get sent onto federal investigators.

Having a number, day and time of day when the call came in can help the feds pinpoint the spoofed number, potentially leading them to where it originally came from.

The second reason; it helps consumer advocates alert you to the scams circulating in the area.