Some visiting boaters feel unwelcome at Cedar Lake

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MANITOWOC COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY-TV) An Appleton woman says her family doesn't feel welcome at the largest lake in Manitowoc County near Kiel.

No Parking sign
No Parking sign at Cedar Lake in Kiel warns of a hefty fine and towing (WBAY photo)

Allison Bayer believes the town of Schleswig is making an effort to keep visitors away, but the town disagrees, saying visitors are definitely welcome.

The Bayer's went for a boat ride on Cedar Lake Sunday afternoon and came to their car to find a ticket.

"100 dollars is pretty steep," said Bayer.

They unknowingly parked in an illegal spot giving them an uneasy feeling about the area.

"This is a public lake that they want to be private,' Bayer said. "They do not want people from the outside going on this lake and this is their way of showing you, 'hey off our lake'."

"That's not true, we like the lake for everybody, everybody should enjoy it, it's a public landing," said Town of Schleswig Constable, Ken Schuler.

Schuler says the town provides 14 public parking spots for the lake.

Schleswig says the number was given to them by the Department of Natural Resources for lake safety. Action 2 News couldn't confirm that Wednesday due to the holiday.

"We have to keep safety at the forefront and there's a lot of people, a lot of kids out here," said Schleswig.

The town also bans parking in multiple areas near the lake to prevent overcrowding.

The Bayers however, don't buy it.

A boater, who didn't want to be identified, says the town constable makes them feel unwelcome.

"Every time that you launch, the first question is 'what cabin did you come from or did you launch' and then once you've said that you've launched, it's a problem."

Visiting boater Logan Peter has a different story.

"Good lake, it's friendly, it's fun, people around here are nice," said Peter.