New kind of skimming device found in bank ATM

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Green Bay Police Department is investigating a "shimming" device found at a bank on Friday.

Courtesy: Green Bay Police Department

Fox Communities Credit Union located near Main and East Mason streets on the city's east side was the bank affected.

Lt. Rick Belanger told Action 2 News, "The bank is working to notify anyone they feel was affected by this. However, that will take a bit of time to gather due to some privacy issues and customers who did not bank with the victim bank.”

Shimmers are a new type of skimming device.

Normally, the skimming devices are placed on the inside of the ATM, but investigators say the devices were found within the card reader.

"They drove up and basically looked like another customer using the ATM and they install it, do their thing, and they're in and out probably in seconds," said Lt. Belanger.

Police believe the subjects came to the ATM around September 26 but placed it a week later.

"We believe they captured anywhere between 50 to 70 different people's cardholder information from when we believe they put it in to the time it was removed," said Lt. Belanger.

Green Bay Police say the shimmer is a thin piece of metal with a chip reader component readable via Bluetooth (a wireless connection). The shimmer was slid into the card slot from the outside.

"You may not be able to see it because it may be very well hidden. What we don't know is if someone is manufacturing it for the purpose of stealing someone's information and then just leaving it there -- because if it's Bluetooth enabled, you don't have to come back and retrieve it," said Frank Frassetto, Wisconsin Administrator for Trade and Consumer Protection.

The subjects also placed a camera to the top of the ATM, which was able to capture personal identification numbers (PIN).

Police say there are a few tips to protect yourself from a skimming device:
-Use ATM's located inside buildings, banks, grocery stores, etc.
-When you slide your debit card into the ATM, it should go in smoothly. If you have trouble with it, there might be an issue and shouldn't be used.
-Cover your hand with your other hand when entering in your PIN.
-Monitor your credit card transactions daily.

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