Update: More details from weekend car after crash in Manitowoc Co.

MANITOWOC CO., Wis. (WBAY) -- A 15-year-old girl was injured after a car crash in Manitowoc County on Saturday afternoon.


Acton 2 News spoke with Sheriff's Deputies on scene who say a Honda traveling westbound on Zander Road pulled out from a stop sign striking a car traveling northbound on Highway T. That driver was Paul Schilke. The accident report stated he looked but did not see the other vehicle, that's when he collided with the other vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle was Kayla Brey. She states in the accident report she was going northbound on Cord T and collided with Schilke, which she did not believe stopped at the stop sign. They rolled several times before landing on its side, ejecting the 15-year-old female passenger. Brey told officers she and her passenger were not wearing seatbelts.

Brey had abrasions on her left arm and back and was transported to Aurora Beycare Medical Center.

The passenger was flown via Eagle III to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay. She suffered a brain bleed and several other injuries. A nurse with the hospital said the 15-year-old is expected to be okay.

A witness of the crash said Schilke did stop at the stop sign before colliding with Brey.

Schilke was issued a ride in a vehicle without wearing seatbelt ticket, Brey was issued a vehicle operator fail to wear seatbelt ticket.