Fake lynching displayed along Green Bay's Main Street

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A fake lynching scene is on full display on Green Bay's Main Street.

Lynching display
Lynching display on Green Bay's Main Street on April 19, 2017 (WBAY photo)

The display outside Nic's Bar & Grill shows a dummy with signs saying "Justice" and "Equality" hanging from a noose on a platform. Two other dummies in chairs look on -- one dressed in a police uniform, the other in a business suit. The words "Drain the swamp" are written on the platform.

The bar has been shut down for 30 days due to a bar licensing issue.

Owner David Nichols wasn't available for an interview at the time of this writing.

In a two-page letter posted to the platform, Nichols says police are purposefully trying to close his bar on Main Street and that he's been fined over $6,000. He says he was told to "discriminate against certain types of people" and remove rap music from his jukebox because it "stirs up minority's (sic)."

He goes on to say this display is also in retaliation for the closing of one of his other bars back in 2011. As Action 2 News reported then, the Press Box on Manitowoc Road was closed after alleged illegal activities, including prostitution and stripping.

Nichols denied those accusations then and continues to deny them now, saying the city is once again forcing him out of businesses but this time "it won't be quietly."

And it hasn't been quiet. People have been stopping and taking pictures of the prominent display along this highly-traveled street.

"I am on my way to work, and there is this crazy thing right there, and so I stopped and looked at it," Justin Parizek said. "It makes me very uncomfortable... What are the little kids going to think? I don't know. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean."

Police say there is nothing illegal about the display. Since it is on private property and isn't creating a public hazard, he is well within his First Amendment rights. But, they add, they are looking into the matter.