Kimberly woman says landscaper is ripping off her and others

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KIMBERLY, Wis. (WBAY) - A warning tonight from a Kimberly woman, angry and frustrated after paying nearly $30,000 last year for a landscaping project that is barely begun. She says the landscaper continues to give excuses as to why the work isn't done, and she says that's if he even returns her calls.

unfinished landscape work

To say Kathie Wegner is disappointed that what was supposed to be her backyard oasis is nothing but a mess is an understatement.

According to Wegner, "It makes me very frustrated to see all that money that I put in and my expectations of having my property fixed."

Her anger is directed at Brian Schoenrock from Shaney's Group, the landscaper out of New London who she hired last year.

"You don't deserve to have a business," says Wegner, adding, "People don't deserve to be ripped off. I work very hard for my money, and you're out there collecting money from all of these people and not even communicating with them and just letting them hang."

It was 13 months ago when Wegner hired Schoenrock to complete her backyard landscaping project. At the time, she paid about $15,000 to get on the company's work schedule. In October she made another $15,000 payment with the promise that work would be starting soon.

Almost a year later, Schoenrock has barely completed 5% of the project and Wegner says he's just making empty promises.

"This week he continues to text and explain. The equipment broke down. There's all different kinds of reasons he's given us, excuses and he just doesn't show up," she says.

A quick online search of Shaney's Group shows she isn't the only one who's fed up. The Better Business Bureau has received five complaints recently about Shaney's, which is why the BBB has given the landscaper an "F" rating.

Susan Bach from the Better Business Bureau tells Action 2 News, "Generally speaking they're having issues with service, delivery of service, that they've paid for work to be done in full but the job hasn't been completed."

When reached by phone, Schoenrock says he's always finished a job, but then refused to answer any additional questions.

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