Governor Scott Walker unveils new branding initiative for veteran-owned businesses

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Some businesses in the area may have a new logo added to their brand.

On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker unveiled a new initiative for Veteran-Owned Businesses while in Appleton.

Governor Walker visited parts of Wisconsin proclaiming Tuesday as Veteran-Owned Business Day.

"About 400 thousand veterans in this state, about 65,000 veteran-owned businesses," said Gov. Walker.

Those businesses can now become certified Wisconsin veteran-owned businesses through the State Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

It’s a branding effort to gain consumer trust, not unlike what other Wisconsin industries do.

"People outside of Wisconsin look for Wisconsin on the brand for cheese and products that include cheese,” Gov. Walker said. “We want the same thing to be true when people look at this as a veteran-owned business."

Each business that becomes veteran owned certified will receive a logo to stick outside their business.

The Wisconsin VA will also be making a directory of veteran-owned businesses.

Snap180 Media from Oshkosh received its certification Tuesday.

The owner, Chris Hibben, believes all this helps service members find employment after active duty.

"They know if a veteran-owned business is out there, they're more apt to possibly go to that person and say, ‘hi I have these skills do you have a position for me?’" said Hibben.

Veteran Carla Stephany is launching her own construction business in Wisconsin soon.

She believes the initiative will help her business succeed and gain credibility.

"Having the governor, having the state of Wisconsin behind an initiative like, this as well as Veteran Affairs,” Stephany said. “I think is going to be critical and it's a part of my story, I am a veteran."