Fond du Lac hosts summer dog trials

FOND DU LAC COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Dog lovers from across the country are in Northeast Wisconsin this weekend, competing for an agility tile in Fond Du Lac County’s Summer Dog Trials.

A weekend of prancing paws and tail wagging, as nearly 50 dogs from across the country compete for an agility title in Fond du Lac County’s Summer Dog Trials.

“There’s a winner for each jump height, for each class,” says Ronda Bermke, the trail chairperson. “So as you win, you accumulate points toward your championship.”

It’s a competition for dogs of all sizes and breeds, that tests both speed and accuracy on two different obstacle courses.

“We determine winners by the dogs that navigate through that course correctly, they can't do anything other than what the judges told us we should do for that day,” Bermke says. “So they have to navigate the course correctly, and they win by time.”

Tammy Flitsch and her border collie Teaser snagged the ultimate award this weekend, the Master Agility Championship Number Two, or MAC 2.

“She’s been working on it for 18 months,” Flitsch says. “There's a lot of work that goes into it. It's really a journey for the trainer and the dog. All along the way, there's different problems that occur, that you have to try to figure out how to train and how to tweak.”

Handlers say training for events like this helps build a strong relationship between them and their dogs.

“I had a really good dog, and we became a team” Bermke says. “You know, when you're successful at something, you become very passionate at it.”

While all dogs hope to take home a ribbon, just completing the course is half the fun.

“I love doing the training aspect of it,” Flitsch says. “The friends and people that we've met along the way, we have a wonderful group of friends.”

Another agility trial will be held at the Fond du Lac County Kennel Club in October.