City leaders look to save Green Bay's federal funding

Green Bay, Wis. (WBAY) - Money to maintain Green Bay's infrastructure and help low income families could be cut under President Trump's proposed budget. Now, city leaders want to talk to our members of Congress about keeping this funding in Wisconsin.

Green Bay neighborhood

Green Bay Alderman Joe Moore says a city like Green Bay cannot afford to lose funding that does nothing but help its growth.

“So to take the money out of the local communities like this and to reapply it somewhere else where we don't have as much control, I get kind of concerned about that I like being able to pave alleys work on playgrounds, improve a city that's over 150 years old,” said Moore.

Moore is hoping Wisconsin's lawmakers will step in and help preserve the funding.

“ I think Congressman Gallagher and Senators Johnson and Baldwin really need to pay close attention because there's a lot of old communities in Wisconsin and they need to make sure this money keeps coming to us,” said Moore.

City development leaders say Green Bay gets about a million dollars a year through the Community Development Block Grant.

“In terms of what you see out there in the community, we put money into infrastructure, a lot of that goes into sidewalks, alley resurfacing, we have some money into our park departments, that's helped fuel some splash pads,” said Kevin Vonck, Director of Economic Development in Green Bay.

Also affected would be services for low to moderate income families who want to buy a house.

“Just looking at HOME funds alone, in the last 10 years or so, HOME funds have helped us fix up more than 50 homes in the area, and they've helped over 300 families become homeowners,” said Noel Halversen, Executive Director of NeighborWorks Green Bay.

Halvorsen said funds like this that keep neighborhoods income diverse is a healthy part of our community so he agrees the city should stand up to save these dollars.