Citizens march to support PBS funding

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Concerned citizens are voicing support for PBS, which faces the loss of federal funding under President Donald Trump's proposed budget.

Supporters took to the City Deck in downtown Green Bay and marched to the Brown County Public Library Monday.

Forward Action Wisconsin Network-Fox Valley hosted the march, which takes place on Mr. Rogers' birthday. The beloved PBS host would have turned 89 this year.

Organizers point to PBS's children's programming.

"I always joke it's a way I can jump in the shower for 15 minutes and know my house isn't going to be trashed when I get out," said Lindsay Dorff. "In the meantime, I know that my kids are watching programming that's commercial-free, non-violent and educational."

President Trump's budget proposal would cut the $445 million federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides funds to PBS and NPR.

Supporters have broken down the cost to show that it costs each taxpayer about $1.35 per year.

Those who support cutting funding for CPB don't believe PBS programming should be funded by taxpayers. Critics also perceive that PBS and NPR have a liberal bias.

The president's budget must go before Congress before it is enacted.

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