Appleton high school students exploring careers in construction

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Some Appleton high school students are learning about careers in construction with a hands on experience. For some, the opportunity was eye opening.

More than a hundred students from Appleton North, East and West High School students have nailed leadership. Twenty-five sophomores and 25 juniors from each high school were selected for a special Student Leadership Program through Gulfstream.

With the help of Boldt and the trades it uses, the students are learning the ins and outs of the business, even participating in some of the manual labor.

According to Kara Otte with Boldt, "We're showing some of our careers in the trades and then we're also showing some of our others careers like project managers, estimators, along with marketing and HR people, all kinds of things."

The Student Leadership Program is a way to expose these students to careers they might not have been thinking about pursuing.

Amy McAloon is a teacher at Appleton's East High School. She says, "Unless you have a family member in a business like this, you wouldn't be aware of all of the opportunities that you could have in the valley. And right now it's particularly important for them to learn about the careers that they can explore right here in the valley, through apprenticeships or through Fox Valley Technical College."

While not all of the students will pursue a career in construction, like Appleton North sophomore Lynda Xiong who says, "I've always wanted to go into the medical field, but I think this is also pretty cool so I'm glad to be here to experience a variety of activities."

The experience definitely gives a few, something to think about it, including North sophomore Brianna Gonnering who added, "At first I wasn't really sure, but now, it seems like a really fun career and it keeps you busy."

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