50 mile trail opens across fox valley

FOX CITIES, Wis. Combining parks, city streets, and trails it's a part of the new 50 mile long Fox Cities Paper Trail.

The trail officially opened Saturday and is open to walkers, joggers, and bikers.

The trail stretches from Kaukauna, to Little Chute and down to Neenah and is completely connected.

It all started in 1995 after Fox Cities Greenways heard a presentation about a similar trail called Green Circle Trail in Stevens Point.

"We thought if they can do it there, we could do it here," and Linda Stoll of Fox Cities Greenways.

But things look different now in the Fox Cities then they did back then.

"There were only two trails in the Fox Cities and there was no on street bike routes," said Stoll.

Since Fox Cities Greenways didn't have enough money to build a Fox Cities trail it held meetings with community planners and park directors.

"To educate the communities on the benefits of trails and how one maintains them," said Stoll

Fox Cities Greenways says eventually communities worked on individual trails and certain street planning eventually creating one big trail that goes through 11 communities and 20 parks.

"We have to create connectivity, nobody wants to take a trail, get to the end of it and make a stop,” Michael Kading, Neenah Parks Director & Member of Fox Cities Greenways.”So if we're not connecting each other as communities, we're not helping the entire Fox Cities."

Fox Cities Greenways estimates that there are about 400 signs across the Fox Valley connecting the trail. More is to come.

Greenways say several parts of the trail are set to be reconstructed to make it safer for bikes.

So caution is urged.

But several miles are safe for families and kids.