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Jason Zimmerman has been part of the Action 2 News team for 15 years, joining WBAY in May 2000 after working in Wausau and Alexandria, Minnesota.

He’s always enjoyed following current events – and in 1997 he was a part of them. Serving in the Minnesota National Guard during college, he was called to active duty to sandbag and stand watch over flood zones in the Fargo-Moorhead area during the major flooding event involving the Red River in the spring of 1997.

His interest in journalism began in middle school, when he started watching local news while growing up in Marble Falls, Texas. A TV reporter from Austin interviewed his dad for a story, giving Jason his first glimpse of the business. After moving to Minnesota in high school, he volunteered at a public access channel and graduated with a major in Mass Communications from St. Cloud State University.

Jason says he likes to cover the urgent news of the day. “Whatever people are talking about, that’s where I want to be.” But one of the stories he remembers best was a car break-in. A wedding photographer’s camera was stolen with all the photos of a recent wedding. “Amazingly, it was found one year later in the woods by a hiker far from the scene of the theft. The pictures were developed, and the bride was surprised beyond belief. They thought the photos were lost forever.”

Jason covers the Fox Valley, including Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.

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