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UPDATED: Police dismantle Green Bay street gang with 9 arrests Video included

Green Bay police are sending a strong message to gangs in the area by taking down one street gang linked to dozens of crimes. Updated throughout.

Target 2 - Scheme Targets Instagram Users with Pre-paid Cards Video included

A new scheme is targeting Instagram users who have pre-paid cards. Experts say thieves are promising users fast cash by offering to fill their pre-paid cards.They're posting comments to celebrity photos on Instagram accounts. One we found says to text a phone number if you're trying to make $2,000 to $10,000 in 20 minutes.The thieves allegedly ask users for the security code on the back of their pre-paid card. Then they say they will use that code to put money back on your card, but in realit... More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Reshipping Scheme has Wis. Connection Video included

Consumer experts are warning about a work from home scheme that has a Wisconsin connection. More>>

Combustible Crude Oil Rolling Through Wisconsin, Emergency Responders Prepare Video included

Highly combustible crude oil from the Bakken Formation in North Dakota is changing the rail landscape. As rapidly increasing amounts of crude is transported throughout the country, Wisconsin emergency responders are preparing for a what-if scenario. More>>

Target 2: What You Need to Know About Identity Theft Protection Video included

In the wake of major security breaches at retailers across the nation, you might think about taking extra steps to protect your financial information. More>>

Target 2 Investigates Green Bay Police Complaints: Part 2 Video included

Target 2 talks with the lieutenant charged with investigating complaints against Green Bay officers to find out exactly how police investigate complaints against one of their own.

Target 2 Investigates

Target 2 Investigates Green Bay Police Complaints: Part 1 Video included

Target 2 filed an open records request to get a look at complaints filed with the Green Bay Police Department and their outcomes. We found Green Bay officers have been disciplined, and police admit it's more often than many probably realize. More>>

Target 2: Driveway Crew Scams Thousands from Brown County Woman Video included

It's a popular springtime scheme--traveling crews looking to repair your driveway and steal your hard earned money. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Target 2: Email Jury Scam Circulates Waupaca County Video included

A warning from Waupaca County officials after several residents received an email asking them to report for jury duty. The county says that will never happen because it can only send jurors summons through the mail. More>>

Target 2: Protecting Your Child from ID Theft Video included

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. According to the Federal Trade Commission, it's the number one complaint.

Target 2: The True Cost of Heroin Video included

Heroin use has reached a crisis level, according to law enforcement members who spoke to Target 2 Investigates. More>>

Target2: Heroin Epidemic, A Lengthy Recovery Video included

Target 2 examines the difficult road to recovery for heroin addicts. More>>

TARGET 2: Links to college financial aid web sites Video included

Web sites mentioned in Cami Rapson's Target 2 On Assignment reports on saving for college More>>

Target 2: Warning for People Who Mail Checks Video included

If you send checks in the mail, you could be a potential victim of something called check washing. More>>

Rep. Nygren's Daughter: Addicted to Heroin, Pushing Dad's Bills Video included

Cassie Nygren's story is like a growing number across Northeast Wisconsin, in and out of the criminal justice system, and addicted to heroin. More>>

Target 2 Investigates: Taking the Gang 'Fight' to the Community Video included

So many people hear the word "gang" and are instantly afraid, but police and community groups are pushing you to fight back and report what you see. More>>

Target 2 Investigates: Ride-along with the Gang Identification Unit Video included

Target 2 gets a rare look inside the Green Bay Police Department unit tasked with rooting out gang members and eliminating gang-related crimes. More>>

Target 2 Investigates: Gangs in Northeast Wisconsin Video included

A growing concern of gangs throughout Northeast Wisconsin is prompting Green Bay police to begin working with state officials to aggressively target gangs and the crimes associated with them. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

ID Thieves Targeting the Dead Video included

"Rest in Peace" is a phrase some identity thieves ignore.  They're using the obituary section to find their next victim, and you might be surprised to know just how easy it is to get information. More>>

Heroin's Common Thread: More Treatment Video included

The state's heroin problem extends far beyond the legislation.  Lawmakers know this too, as each story reveals a common thread. More>>

How to Protect Yourself from Investment Fraud Video included

How can you tell a legitimate investment opportunity from a scam? A father who was saving for his kids' education learned a valuable lesson. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Scholarship Scam: Local Student Learns Tough Lesson Video included

In her quest for a higher education, a local college student learned a tough lesson about the dangers of scammers. More>>

Target 2 On Assignment: The Littoral Combat Ship Debate Video included

Target 2 has learned a number of Congressional reviews have been ordered for the Navy's Littoral Combat Ship. Some in Congress have accused the Navy of a lack of transparency. This article originally appeared on May 2, 2013.

Target 2 On Assignment: Inside Construction of the LCS Video included

In the Marinette Marine shipyard, work is underway five days a week, 24 hours a day. Target 2 was given rare access inside Marinette Marine's new facilities. This article originally appeared on May 1, 2013.

Target 2: Utility Payment Scam

A Target 2 Consumer Alert from May 16, 2013: A caller posing as a WPS employee threatens to shut off utilities unless the victim buys a pre-paid debit card. WPS says it doesn't work that way. More>>

'Sweetheart Scam' Lures in Victims Looking for Love Video included

This "Sweetheart Scam" snags people looking for love, and also people trying to sell merchandise online. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Victim of Sweepstakes Scam Becomes Middle Man for Con Artists Video included

There's a new warning about a fraudsters using the popular "Publishers Clearing House" name to rip off consumers. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Local Man Brings Awareness to Craigslist Rental Scam Video included

It's another warning about using caution with deals you find on online, this time from a local man who thought he found a great place for his son to rent. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Watch Who You Trust: ID Thief Was Family's Close Neighbor

It's a story that serves as a good reminder to be careful who you trust. More>>

Check Your Statements: Data Breach at Target Could Impact 40 Million

Target says that about 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been affected by a data breach that occurred just as the holiday shopping season shifted into high gear. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Counterfeit Check Scheme Hits Close to Home Video included

Counterfeit checks are luring victims into a work at home scheme, and a Green Bay postal inspector is offering advice to help you spot it before you become the next victim. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Beware of Scams Featuring Hot Deals on Travel Packages Video included

Imagine finding a travel package deal to Florida for $300 or one to the Bahamas for $500 only to find out it was just a scam. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Do Your Research Before Investing in New Products Video included

One couple thought they were getting in on the ground floor of a glowing investment, but it turned out to be a fraud. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Protecting Yourself From Refinancing Fraud Video included

A small business owner thought she was getting a great rate to keep her business afloat, but it turned into a refinancing nightmare. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Beware of Secret Shopper Scams During the Holiday Season Video included

It's the season for shopping, but you'll want to be wary of offers to earn money to act as a secret shopper. More>>

Target 2 Investigation Finds WiFi Hacking Takes Just Seconds Video included

The next time you grab your laptop, you'll want to think about this: WiFi hacking is no longer a sophisticated crime. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Thousands of Moms Targeted for Work-at-Home Scheme Video included

The victims were promised big money to work at home, but they ended up losing money instead. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

How to Spot a Counterfeit Coupon Video included

Beware bargain hunters.  That great coupon deal could be too good to be true.  Counterfeit coupons are circulating and they are costing companies millions of dollars. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Coupon Fraud Costing Businesses Millions

Online coupons are more popular than ever, but shoppers need to beware of the fakes, because they are costly. More>>

Travel Experts: Book Holiday Travel Now Video included

Travel experts say holiday airfare is booking up fast. This year, they say, you'll probably need a few extra dollars. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Mortgage Scam Victim Falls for Classic Bait-and-Switch Video included

A homeowner who thought she was refinancing her mortgage for a low fixed rate found out the meaning of the phrase "too good to be true." More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Woman Twice Falls Victim to Same Scammer Video included

Millions of consumers have been victims of identity theft and it can be a long and grueling process to recover from it. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Suspect Seeks Revenge through Magazine Subscriptions Video included

A Milwaukee area woman became the target in a mail harassment case, and it all started with magazine subscriptions she never ordered. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Postal 'Delivery Failure' Email Contains Malicious Virus Video included

Officials are warning people about emails that appear to be coming from the U.S. Postal Service--but they actually contain a malicious virus that could put your information at risk. More>>

Target 2: Rep. Nygren's Personal Push for Heroin Legislation Video included

A northeast Wisconsin lawmaker continues his push this weekend to stop the state's growing heroin problem. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

The Art of the Con: Artist Targeted by Scammers Video included

When someone talks to you about something you're interested in, you're probably more likely to listen.  Con artists are using that knowledge to target people based on their passions in life. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Con Artists Scam Small Businesses, Millions Lost Video included

Investigators say a small group of con artists zeroed in on medical groups or companies with fewer than 100 employees. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Buyer Beware: Stolen Handbags Tracked to Auction Site

If you're an online shopper, beware of items you find on auction sites.  Officials tracked a trail of stolen high end handbags to eBay. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

College Student Loses Big in Craigslist Job Scam Video included

A college student thought she found the perfect job on Craigslist, but it led her directly into the hands of a con artist. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

New Age Bank Robbers Video included

A group stole more than a million dollars from a bank by getting a person with inside information to give them financial information. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Postal Worker Prevents Man from Losing Thousands to Lottery Scams

An observant postal clerk helped a man who had rival con-artists scheming him for cash, and it's a story that could help you or someone you know from falling for a similar scheme. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Millions Lost to Medical Billing Scam Video included

One scam busted by authorities made this offer: For $6,000 and a one day course, job seekers were told they could learn to do medical billing from home and earn big bucks. More>>

Smoke Detectors to the Test: What Happens When They Fail? Video included

As part of Fire Prevention Week, Action 2 News teamed up with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department, putting smoke detectors to the test. Two distinct types of technology exist in alarms -- ionization More>>

Target 2: Two Types of Smoke Detectors, Many Different Results Video included

As part of Fire Prevention Week, Action 2 News is teaming up with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Con Artist Tricks Longtime Sports Memorabilia Collector

A collector in pursuit of rare autographs was confident he could spot a fake, but even he fell victim to a scammer. More>>

Target 2: Convicted Con Man Reveals His Secrets

In a rare interview, a convicted con man explains how he lured victims and stole millions. His story could help you recognize a scheme. More>>

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Target 2: Bogus Lottery and Prize Schemes Video included

One of the most popular schemes out there leads people into losing money every day. Victims find the prize notices are very convincing.

Target 2 Consumer Alert

Experts: New Health Care Law a Prime Target for Scammers Video included

On October 1, people can start signing up for health insurance offered under the new law. Consumer experts are warning it could be prime time for con-artists More>>

Colton's Legacy: Helping Other Families with Childhood Cancer Video included

This weekend the family of Colton Steinhorst will take a swing at keeping his legacy alive. More>>

Target 2 On Assignment

What Happened to Amber? Part 3 Video included

The family of a UW-Green Bay student missing for 15 years says for the first time in more than a decade they have confidence they'll soon know what happened to Amber Wilde. More>>

Target 2 On Assignment

What Happened to Amber? Part 2 Video included

The new detectives working this case share publicly why they think they are one phone call away from solving the disappearance of Amber Wilde.

Target 2 On Assignment

What Happened to Amber? Part 1 Video included

It's the question that has loomed over Amber Wilde's family since September 23, 1998. Even after this long, it's clear Amber's family is still very upset -- yet deeply devoted to finding her. More>>

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