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The Future of Television

In the beginning, there was black and white. TV pictures were also fuzzy and the sound was a little soft, too. Over time, TV pictures became clearer and the sound got better.

black and white TV

Then, in the 1960's, there was color. It was a revolutionary change. Who knew Lucille Ball was a redhead?

          early color TV    

Now WBAY-TV is going digital. It's a revolutionary step in television technology, as big as the change from black & white to color.

   hdtv picture           

In this special section, you're going to learn:

  • What digital TV (DTV) is and how it works
  • The many advantages DTV offers over today's conventional TV
  • Why WBAY and every other TV station across the country are spending millions of dollars to make the switch
  • And how you can join the revolution, too, not that you'll have much choice.
  • DTV and HDTV

    Digital TV is a revolutionary step that will change the way you see television. First, we need to clarify the difference between DTV and HDTV.More >>
  • Digital TV Promo BoxMore>>

  • Watch ABC Shows Online

    Wednesday, April 9 2014 6:18 PM EDT2014-04-09 22:18:22 GMT
    Catch up with your favorite programs or watch them again.
    More >>
    Catch up with your favorite ABC programs or watch them again.More >>
  • Where to Find WBAY-TV

    Watch WBAY-TV over-the-air for free or through WBAY's distribution partners.More >>
    You can receive WBAY-TV programming over-the-air for free or from this list of WBAY's distribution partners.More >>
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